The workshops that student clubs will attend will be given by genuine journalists. The content of the workshops news editing, rights-based news writing, data protection and research skills, video content creation for online news, gender-sensitive journalism and finally news verification forming.


Under this section which is roughly equal to “journalism 101”, essentials requiring reasonable care and diligence during the stages of news gathering and writing will be conveyed. Through instances collected from daily papers and online news sites, aspects which must be paid attention while generating news will be analyzed together with participants. In the workshop in which matters regarding how news should be written as well as how it shouldn’t will be discussed, the very importance of making news consistent with the principles of journalistic ethics will also be mentioned


The workshop will begin with conveying the concept of “gender” and how to integrate the gender equality perspective into journalistic attitude. It will be followed by sharing some data on the present condition of news contents and news centers in Turkey. In violence and/or rights violation news, what things one should beware of while talking to news sources/subjects as well as making the news item or when concealing the identity of news sources is necessary will be presented. In news photos and video news, to what one should pay attention regarding imagery will be mentioned.


‘What is “human rights-based-journalism,” why is it important and how is it done? A theoretical introduction to the concrete effects of the very concept which was brought to the table just after Walter Cronkite’s way of journalism in Vietnam, why “good journalism” needs a human rights-based approach and which questions should be asked along with what concerns one should have to this end will be provided. After that, for detecting the problems in the present instances, adjusting them and also experiencing how a subject should be treated with a human rights focus, there will be practices of writing news from scratch.


In order to create video-news, which equipments and skills are required? What should be heeded while choosing a news topic and determining its framework? How to find guests on news programs? In the workshop, we will deal with those questions. We will talk about how to create a shooting plan, how to choose a proper place for both the topic and the guest as well as how to cope with situations occuring uncontrollably. Moreover, basics of storytelling and narrative techniques will be passed on.


The aim of this workshop is to train students in the basics of data security. Topics such as securing internet communication, protection against phishing attacks, creating a strong password, VPN use in the news field, protection of journalistic source, end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, potential digital risks for the electronic devices in the office will be addressed.


In the internet age, especially due to the spread of social media usage, journalists’ way of working has changed quite a lot. However, journalism has not only changed but also got harder because of the “information explosion”. Those are some questions we will answer in the workshop: “What does it mean to be a journalist or to do journalism in an age which truth can be mutilated more easily in comparison to past? How should claims circulating or being circulated on the social media be treated in terms of journalism? Should every single claim be reported? If it is to be reported, what things should one pay attention to? How does confirmation mechanism work for journalists and journalism? In order to verify claims, what tools can be used and how?”

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