Headlines of the Month

    7 March 2024

    The Past and The Present of Türkiye University Students’ Independent Economics Congress

    8 November 2023

    No flats for queers!

    8 November 2023

    ITU Dormitories and Our Fight for the Right to Housing

    8 November 2023

    Why Can’t We Accommodate at ITU?

    8 November 2023

    Women and LGBTI+ University Students in Housing Crisis

    20 June 2023

    “Going back to campus will be good for us”

    20 June 2023

    We will be maritime transport and operation engineers without seeing a ship

    8 April 2023

    Qualified State Wanted

    7 April 2023

    Volunteer students’ evaluation of the aftermaths of the earthquake

    5 April 2023

    Online education: not remote, but a trap

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